Pins – Christine Todd


WhenPins Cover Molly Makepeace Jamison discovers that her husband Bob has been stealing away her advertising agency while cavorting with his mistress of many years, she has good reason to adorn his effigy with a few sharp pins. After all, venting a little righteous anger can’t hurt anyone … can it?


Pins is a beautifully written jewel of a novel … a great, uplifting read.”
Jerry Cleaver, author Immediate Fiction

“A sprightly first novel … a witty writer … good at delineating characters and their motivations.”
Shepherd Express, Milwaukee

“I love the story and the humor.”
Sally Zigmond, author Hope Against Hope

This is a witty, modern story set in Chicago … the writing is first class … it comes highly recommended.”
Rebecca Tope, author of  the Cotswold murder mystery series

“Plenty of humor … snappy style … a good read and definitely  recommended.”
Kathleen McGurl (aka WomagWriter), Brief Bits About Books

“Pins is a cracking read … delightful, absorbing book … highly recommended.”
Jane Smith, How Publishing Really Works

“Detailed and engaging from the off … Christine Todd is the new Deborah Moggach.”
Philip Turner, publisher, Screentrade Magazine

Paperback: $16.99

eBook: $8.99

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