Oswego Literary Fest – 2018 – Christine Todd

Oswego Literary Fest – 2018

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Sunday, September 30: I’ll be signing books at the Oswego Literary Fest. If the weather is good, the Red Anemone Books table will be located outside in front of the Oswego Library during the town’s festive Farmers Market. Fun, free event.  9:00 am – 1:00 p.m. 32 Jefferson Street, Oswego, IL.

2 thoughts on “Oswego Literary Fest – 2018”

  1. Sandy Rieckert says:

    Hi!! I met you at this event, and purchased Pins. I got a call from the library today that I won a raffle of the books featured at this event. I choose Tornado Days!!
    Looking to reading your books, and any future work from you!!

    1. ct says:

      Hi Sandy!
      My website has just been updated, and up popped your comment from October! Thank you for choosing Tornado Days. I hope you enjoyed the mix of genres. My novel Pins is quite different in that it is described as witty and funny, with a message about taking the pins out of oneself. Please feel free to share your views on my writing. I’ve been assured that I will now receive comments in a more timely fashion. Many thanks. Christine

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