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Pins has traveled far

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Pins by Christine ToddPins is making great headway in the UK, and also in the US, Canada, and Australia. My thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy.

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  1. Chuck Miller says:

    A personal note to Chris from Chuck Miller

    I read and loved “You say Tom-ay-to, and I say Tom-ah-to piece. I remember so well you telling the “knocked up in the morning” story, the “rubber”, “nut”, “pecker” etc. stories as well. Reading them brought back fond office memories.

    Nancy and I would love to catch up with you via e-mail and learn a bit more about your life since we last heard from you. It has been a very long time.

    I ran out of “characters” in the space allotted on the order form so I’ll say here that, before I write more, I would like to know what the best e-mail address is for you should you care to catch us up and also hear what is new with us.


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